Daddy, Do You Remember America?


One night in a very deep sleep

I dreamt America was no longer free

And as the years went by,

My son, now older, was asking me,


Daddy, do you remember America?

Was it a place of Liberty?

Were you free to go where you wanted?

And could you be what you wanted to be?


Did the flag fly high for freedom?

And were there stars on it too?

Were there stripes for the starting colonies?

Was the flag red, white, and blue?


Were there states that pulled together,

To keep all their people free?

Did each one have a name dad,

Like Texas and Tennessee?


Could I have chosen a school dad,

Instead of where Iím sent?

And if I tried hard enough,

Was there a chance to be President?


Could I have believed in God,

If I wanted that to be?

And, could I have chosen a religion,

One that would suit me?


If only I could have been there,

When all things were that way,

I would know the freedom you had known,

And I would know still today.


I was crying when I did awake,

As I looked at the sky so blue.

I saw our flag still flying high,

And I thanked God it was not true.


Written by

Gus Shortfellow Barone


on the side of the North Freeway

in Houston, Texas at 1:35 p.m.