Consultant in Educational Technology
Partnering With You!  Call today! Integration. It is not just about having the equipment and the software, it is about making these tools work for you. Using the ADDIE model for instructional design, ConEdTech can partner with your technologist to provide a dynamic and flexible guideline for developing an efficient and effective technology curriculum. Let ConEdTech guide your technology investment into maximum utilization.
  • Curriculum & Integration
    • "Anywhere Anytime Learning"
        Acquired and implemented laptop program at the Regis School using two grade levels first year and fully integrating entire middle school into laptop program by year two.
        Implemented a mobile technology cart for use in grade 5 with great success.
    • Creating Project Based Learning Units (PBL)
        Design aimed at creating a learner-centered rather than a traditional teacher-centered approach to instruction. Great way of analyzing learner's needs. Please contact for free sample of a favorite PBL unit.
    • Computer Literacy Curriculum Assistance
        Pioneered restructuring of computer literacy curriculum at various private schools.
    • Laptop Integration Assistance
        Acquired and integrated mobile laptop cart into curricula.
    • Training the Teachers/Trainers
        Call for in-service training for both faculty and staff. Topics include Basic, Intermediate, Adv. word processing, spreadsheets and databases for administering classroom, web page design, making efficient use of Outlook, and other topics (WebQuests and Treasure hunts for curricular use)
  • Computer Literacy Training
    • Available for all grade levels as a core class.
    • Computer as an elective class.
    • Pre-made computer templates for hands-on learning.
    • Thematic projects to correlate with core classes
  • Websites
    • Gourmet Candy Inc.
      • setup and maintained website.
    • Inwood Oaks Christian School
      • Created and maintained website to match Church website, created and maintained Warrior's Ways, and all pages.
    • The Regis School
      • Creator of The Knightly News, Student Page, Parent News (MS, LS, EC), Calendar, Teacher Links, Tuesday Newsday, "In The Middle" newspaper, Volleyball Page, Student Work page, and library pages. Maintained all pages for 6 years until end of contract.
    • ConEdTech
      • Created and maintained pages for Private Consulting Business
  • Computer troubleshooting
    • Network troubleshooting (Win OS or Mac)
    • Hardware, Internet access, application software or Windows OS problems.
    • Residential and commercial networks (hard wire or wireless)
  • Infrastructure
    • Cabling and Termination
      • installed 1,000 ft of cable at The Woodlands Christian Academy
      • installed 30,000 ft of cable at The Regis School
      • installed 1,500 ft of cable at Bellaire Christian Academy
      • installed 1,200 ft of cable at Inwood Baptist School
    • Equipment Implementations
      • setup and tested LS Computer lab at TWCA
      • setup and tested LS Computer lab; acquired, setup and tested MS Computer Lab;acquired, installed and tested wireless library setup, all at The Regis School
      • acquired, installed, and tested new computer lab at Inwood Baptist School
      • installed and tested new computer lab at Bellaire Baptist School
    • Layout Planning
      • designed layout of Lower School Computer lab at The Woodlands Christian Academy
      • designed layout of Lower School Computer lab, Middle School computer lab, and Library Media Center at The Regis School
      • designed layout of computer lab at Inwood Baptist School
      • designed layout of computer lab at Bellaire Christian Academy
  • Maintenance
    • Hardware Maintenance
      • Retainer plans available for scheduled weekly on-site support.
      • Offsite support available
      • Upkeep and maintenance of server, accounts, rights, patch management, & backup.
      • Troubleshooting of network and computer equipment.
    • Administrative Maintenance
      • Administrative Programs Assistance
        Hunter Systems: School Minder, Gift Trak, Account Trak
      • Cobalt Product for Mail & Web Solutions.
      • SonicWall for Internet Filtering, and VPN tunneling.
      • Procedures for Grading, Scheduling, and Reporting when Administrative software is not available.
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