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"ConEdTech has been a lifesaver. David is quick to respond, efficient, cost effective and very knowledgeable. I have used other firms in the past and David has far exceeded the other firms in service and professionalism. We are very grateful for all of his hard work and consider ConEdTech a very vital part of our company."

Mrs. Laura P, VP

"Thank you for your services, you are a lifesaver! The job you have done with our technology has eliminated costly headaches. I will tell all of our associates about your quality of service."

Mrs. Juana L, co-owner

"David went beyond expectations in caring for HMC's computers...He explains the problem to me and makes useful suggestions. I value the quality of service David offers."

Mrs. Gretta Y, Director

"ConEdTech has done a remarkable job equipping our children to function in the technological age of the twenty-first century. Students were taught word processing, spreadsheet, HTML coding, programming, Internet for research skills, and more using a variety of software. What a wonderful application of skills and preparation for independent work. Computers became more than expensive games; they actually served as tools of instruction."

Ms. Mary Ann S, Principal

"Just to say how much I appreciate your prompt reply to my request to help. You did a Great Job and I am most impressed with your knowledge and ability"

Mr. Allan G., CEO

"Mr. Molina is an enthusiast when it comes to technology. His unique style inspires. We are very fortunate to have not only an excellent educator but a man of high Christian caliber."

Mrs. Linda F., Principal

"I was faced with the task of networking a school computer lab on a very tight budget. ConEdTech was able to complete the work on time in an efficient manner. By taking the time to discuss and understand our needs, they were also able to offer cost effective solutions to many of our technology challenges."

Mr. Stephen Z., M.Ed.,Headmaster

"After much research and consideration, our school wisely chose ConEdTech to wire our desktop technology lab. ConEdTech delivered exceptional service, on time, and below budget. When it comes to affordability, dependability, integrity, and service, David Molina and ConEdTech should be first on the list for meeting your educational technology needs."

Mr. Steven Y., M. Th., Headmaster

" wife and I are in our 8th and 9th decades of life, respectively. We each have our own computers. We were adequately computer literate, as of about 10 years ago. We are still OK for normal operations. But setting up one of today's rigs from scratch is beyond us, as is fixing it when something goes wrong. We have learned to phone ConEdTech, ... David Molina. ...He works in your home, comes on very short notice, works quickly, competently, and cheerfully. And is an honest man."

Mr. John K
(residential customer)

"...thank you for coming to our rescue...It is great to have computer assistance of such an expert as yourself!"

Mrs. Blanca J.
(residential customer)

"...dedicated service...the very best... qualified Technology specialists...fabulous work ..."

Mrs. Anne Storey C., Headmistress